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As with any venture in any country, there are basic exposures such as:

General Liability
Product Liability
Automobile Liability
Boiler & Machinery
Employers Responsibility
AD&D and Medical

These risks can be managed using locally-admitted and/or non-admitted paper, depending on the requirements of the country(ies) of exposure.

Coverage Examples

Foreign Package

A Foreign Package meets the international insurance needs of many companies.

INTERNEX offers prompt quotes and binders on most risks.

Basic coverages provided include:

o General Liability
o Automobile Liability
o Employers Responsibility
o Property

Additional exposures, such as Boiler & Machinery, Inland and Ocean Transit, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Kidnap/Ransom/Extortion, can readily be included.

For larger risks with multi-country exposures, INTERNEX can negotiate a Foreign Master Program, providing required locally-admitted coverages with a Foreign Package sitting Excess/DIC over those local coverages.

We provide producers with a single point of contact for both admitted and non-admitted coverages, saving them time, while providing seamless servicing for all countries under one program.


Kidnap/Ransom/Extortion (KRE) is an often-overlooked, but very real exposure. There are about 25,000 reported KRE incidents each year, with an estimated 90% going unreported!

Despite the exposure, many insureds do not have KRE coverages. Most feel they are not at risk or that the coverages are too expensive; both viewpoints that could cost them dearly.

As many terrorist groups use the funds collected from KRE incidents to fund their operations, it is expected that the uptick in the number of kidnappings will continue into the foreseeable future.

We can provide KRE coverages as part of a package or on a mono-line basis, depending on the needs of the insured.

Defense Base Act

US employers contracting with the US government on projects beyond US borders, will be subject to the Defense Base Act (DBA).

The Defense Base Act covers employees working as civilians overseas for the US government on military and non-military projects.

DBA coverage extends benefits payable under the US Long Shore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and is the “Sole Remedy”, “First Dollar” coverage option.

INTERNEX can readily meet this need.

Because we work with Department of Labor-approved carriers, your clients will receive needed assistance abroad and/or upon their return to the US.